About Bob DiBenedetto.

7-17 Bob At Podium Vegetarian Vision Press Event

HealthyPlanet President/Executive Director, and host of The Healthy Planet Radio Show, Bob DiBenedetto, can address people of all ages, on a variety of empowering topics. He will help your audience to understand the important role that each of us play in creating a healthy planet, and inspire them to choose to be a participant in creating a clean, healthy and compassionate world!

Bob has done presentations to tens of thousands… including students (from kindergarten through graduate nutrition students at Columbia Teacher’s College); parents; administrators; food service directors; public officials; and to a wide variety of health, environmental, corporate and community groups. He has also appeared as a guest on many local and national TV and radio shows. He provided the facts and expert commentary for a UPN Nine TV special report The True Cost Of Beef; has been featured on the WBAI radio program, Wake Up Call; and was interviewed on WWOR by Jim McQueeny on New Jersey Now!  He has been quoted in publications from Newsday to The New York Times. 


More info coming to this page soon… In the meantime, if you’re interested in setting up a speaking event, email us at:
info at healthyplanetusa dot org.

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