What Others Have Said.

Below are just a few of the many positive testimonials from those who have scheduled and/or attended Bob DiBenedetto’s talks.

“Bob is a true professional in every way. He shared his expertise and creative and informative ideas with a clear understanding of teachers of young children and what is developmentally appropriate for the students they teach… His presentation was stimulating, educational and inspiring. Bob DiBenedetto’s talks are more than a learning experience. They are a wonderful and healthy treat for all.”

                              Susan RT., 
                                Director SAJES Dept. Early Childhood

“Bob had a very successful program with both Health Services and Social Services staff. And of course, Bob’s presentation was very lively, engaging and informative.  I have only received favorable feedback!”

 Amy J, MPH Environmental Toxicologist
Suffolk County Department of Health Services


“I truly believe you are 100% committed to the ideals expounded at the conference and 99% of the faculty agree with your assessment of the problem. As Principal of the Yeshivah of Flatbush, I plan to integrate your nutrition philosophies into the main science curriculum.”

Leonard Z., Principal


“You are a compelling speaker and a fountain of information. You are also a walking testimonial for the nutritional lifestyle that you promote.”

Rob G., Advisor, Student Environmental Action Society





“Thank you for making Earth Day an awakening experience for both the entire student body and faculty members at Glen Cove High School… You have made a tremendous difference, and I want to acknowledge you for that, and for your commitment to the positive message of HealthyPlanet.”

Debi G., Earth Science Teacher


“You’ve spoken at our Earth Day Festival for over 15 years. I think this year was the best yet!  The reason I ask you back every year is that–well–you’re the best speaker I’ve ever hired, bar none. 

I can say with no reservations that if anyone is looking for a great speaker on the relationship between food choices and the health of humans and the planet–you are that speaker!”

Steve F., Science Teacher



“There was no surprise. You knocked the ball out of the park! You knew the tone, you provided the science, you plowed through the noise, & you delivered!!! We love you for it. 

Karen M. & Melanie G., Breast Cancer Prevention Advocates 



“I really enjoyed the presentation given by Bob DiBenedetto today! Not only was the information eye-opening, but also the Powerpoint was interesting and entertaining. He is a wonderful speaker and kept the crowd involved! I hope to make it to the presentation again later in the day! It was truly great!!”

Lauren H., High School Student


 “On behalf of Hewlett High School, I would like to thank you for the presentation you gave our Youth Leadership students on “Food Choices, Health, and the Environment.” Your presentation was thorough, informative and thought-provoking. Furthermore, you were able to captivate a room of sixty high school students, which is certainly not an easy task. My colleague and I were also fascinated by the materials, and we appreciated your knowledge and dedication to worldwide health and the environment.”      

Nadia Z., School Social Worker