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Randall Abate Climate Change and the Voiceless


Friday, Jan. 11th, 2019

Guest: Professor Randall Abate 
Monmouth University
Author of five influential books

Topic: “Climate Change and The Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife,
and Natural Resources”


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Join HealthyPlanet’s Bob DiBenedetto for an in-depth discussion with Professor Randall Abate, who has published five influential books, and is working on his latest book, CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE VOICELESS: PROTECTING FUTURE GENERATIONS, WILDLIFE, AND NATURAL RESOURCES (scheduled for publication with Cambridge University Press in August 2019). He has also written more than 30 law journal articles and book chapters on environmental and animal law topics, with a recent emphasis on climate change law and justice. Professor Abate has 24 years of full-time law teaching experience at six U.S. law schools. (See full bio below.*)

This show will focus on both his new book, and the topic of legal personhood for nonhuman animals.

Future generations, wildlife, and natural resources – collectively referred to as “the voiceless” – are the most vulnerable and least equipped populations to protect themselves from the impacts of global climate change. Domestic and international law protections are beginning to recognize rights and responsibilities that apply to the voiceless community; however, these legal developments have yet to be pursued in a collective manner and have not been considered together in the context of climate change and climate justice. 

  • What are the the common vulnerabilities of the voiceless in the Anthropocene era? 
  • What upcoming law case does Professor Abate call “the trial of the century?”
  • What does it mean for a natural resource to be granted legal personhood, and how might that impact the ability of animals to achieve that status?
  • Might a writ of habeas corpus be successfully used to free certain animals from being held in captivity?

This will be an eye opening discussion that you should not miss.

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Randall S. Abate is the inaugural Rechnitz Family Endowed Chair in Marine and Environmental Law and Policy and a Professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology. He teaches courses in domestic and international environmental law, constitutional law, and animal law. Professor Abate is an affiliated faculty member in Monmouth’s Urban Coast Institute. He joined the Monmouth faculty in 2018 with 24 years of full-time law teaching experience at six U.S. law schools, most recently as a Professor of Law from 2009-2018 at Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando, Florida, where he also served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in 2017. He has also taught at Florida State University College of Law, Florida Coastal School of Law, Rutgers School of Law (Camden), Widener University School of Law (Harrisburg), and Vermont Law School.

Professor Abate has taught international and comparative law courses—and delivered lecture series—on environmental and animal law topics in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Vanuatu. In April 2014, he taught a Climate Change Law and Justice course at the National Law Academy in Odessa, Ukraine on a Fulbright Specialist grant. Professor Abate has delivered invited lectures on climate justice and animal law topics at several of the top law schools in the world, including Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, and Seoul National University.

Professor Abate has published five books—and more than thirty law journal articles and book chapters—on environmental and animal law topics, with a recent emphasis on climate change law and justice. Early in his career, Professor Abate handled environmental law matters at two law firms in Manhattan.

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  • Neal D. Barnard, M.D. of the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine
  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Disease-Proof Your Child
  • Thomas Falcone, Chief Executive Officer of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA)
  • Gavin A. Schmidtclimatologist, NASA Climate modeller
  • T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., author of The China Study
  • Terry Tamminen, author of Lives Per Gallon
  • Randall S. Abate, author of Climate Change And The Voiceless, inaugural Rechnitz Family Endowed Chair in Marine and Environmental Law and Policy and a Professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology
  • Todd Winant, author of Earth Voice, Food Choice
  • Gavin A. Schmidtclimatologist, NASA Climate modeller
  • David Wolfe, author of Eating For Beauty and The Sunfood Diet Success System and others
  • Caldwell B. Esselstyn, MD, author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
  • Karen Ranzi, author of Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods
  • Zoltan Rona, MD, MSc, author of Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
  • Gordian Raacke of Renewable Energy Long Island
  • Brian Clement of The Hippocrates Institute
  • Paul GetsosNational Director of the People’s Climate Movement 
  • Karen Perry Stillerman, senior analyst, in the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Jonathan Balcombe, Biologist, Author & Director of Animal Sentience, the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy
  • Chuck Kutscher, Center Director, Buildings and Thermal Systems at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • David Goldston, The Director of Government Affairs for the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Karen Davis, PhD Founder and President of United Poultry Concerns
  • Janice Nolen, Assistant Vice President, National Policy for the American Lung Association
  • Alex Beauchamp, Food & Water Watch’s Northeast Region Director
  • Brigitte Mars, author of The Home Reference to Holistic Health and Healing, and many more
  • Will Tuttle, visionary educator and author of The World Peace Diet
  • Gerald Iversen, founder of Simple Living Works
  • Hope Bohanec, author of The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?
  • Brenda Davis, RD, author, past chair Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • David Robinson Simon, author Meatonomics: The Bizarre Economics of Meat and Dairy
  • Robin Helfritch, Founding Director of Open the Cages Alliance and the Vegan Living Program
  • Julie M. Simon, author The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manu
  • Vesanto Melina, RD, nutrition expert, co-author of Becoming Raw and the Raw Food Revolution Diet and many more
  • Michael Greger, MD, author, internationally recognized speaker of
  • Dawn Moncrief, Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization, A Well-Fed World
  • Jeff Gohringer, National Press Secretary of the League of Conservation Voters
  • Carol Murphy, Executive Director of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY)
  • Dr. Steve Blake, author of Understanding Dietary Fats and Oils: A Scientific Guide to their Health Effects, and 28 other books
  • Justin Van Kleek, freelance writer, educator, community organizer. 
  • Demosthenes MaratosSustainability Institute Communications Director
  • Paul Gallay, Riverkeeper’s Executive Director and Hudson Riverkeeper
  • Bill Freese, Center for Food Policy’s Science Policy Analyst
  • Michael Parrish DuDell, Managing Editor of
  • Dr Alan Goldhamer, founder of the TrueNorth Health Center, author of The Health Promoting Cookbook and many more
  • Mike Hudak, Enviro Advocate, author Western Turf Wars: The Politics of Public Lands Ranching
  • Tim VanOrden, elite athlete and creator of the Running Raw Project
  • Brett Cotter, Founder, CEO Stress is gone, LLC
  • Jennifer K. Reilly, R.D., senior nutritionist The Cancer Project, co-author The Cancer Survivor’s Guide
  • Michael Weber, Farm Animal Reform Movement Campaign Coordinator
  • Steve Meyrowitz, The Sproutman, author of many books
  • Nneka Leiba, Environmental Health Researcher for the Environmental working group
  • Paul McRandal,  National Resources Defense Council
  • Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center
  • Ryan Zinn, the National Campaign Coordinator for the Organic Consumer Association
  • Ashok Gupta, senior energy economist and director of NRDC’s Air and Energy Program

  • Justin Van Kleeck, community organizer. Founder the Triangle Chicken Advocates microsanctuary

  • Connie Spence, founder of The Vegan Justice League
  • Eric Weltman, senior organizer Food and Water Watch

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