Donate Stock & Securities


We accept donations of commonly held, publicly traded stocks. And it’s easy to do via either electronic or certificate transfer. 

A donation of profitable stock may lower your capital gains, leaving you with potentially more tax savings than would be available through a direct cash gift.




The simplest way to donate stock or securities is via an electronic transfer (DTC) from your brokerage account to HealthyPlanet’s account.

In order for us to properly acknowledge your tax-deductible donation, it is essential that you have your broker include your name, contact information and any special instructions for the transfer.

When we receive an electronic transfer, we are informed of the stock name and the # of shares, not the name of the donor. If your broker does not share your gift intent with us at the time of the transfer, it may delay the gift acknowledgement for tax reporting purposes.

Two Easy Steps:

1. Print, complete and mail or email the Notification of Stock Transfer Form
Download PDF here. This informs HealthyPlanet about your plans to donate securities.  

Send to:

HealthyPlanet, Inc.
55 Gerard St #163
Huntington, NY  11743
Phone: 631 421-5591

2. Print and complete the Electronic Transfer Authorization Form
Download the PDF here and give it to your brokerage firm or broker.

That’s all it takes!



If you hold stocks or securities in certificate form, simply send your unendorsed certificates with an accompanying Stock Power Form to our broker, TD Ameritrade. Note that a signed stock certificate is legal tender.

Follow These Simple Steps (and feel free to call us for assistance):

1. Complete a Notification of Stock Transfer Form
Download the PDF here, then e-mail or mail it to:

HealthyPlanet, Inc.
55 Gerard St #163
Huntington, NY  11743-0163
Phone: 631 421-5591

2. Use one blank Stock Power Form
Download the PDF here for each stock certificate you will donate. Take blank certificate(s) to your bank, and ask to have your signature Medallion Signature Guaranteed. (Your bank will know how to do that.)

Remember, do not sign your Stock Power Form until you are in front of the bank staff. This will enable them to guarantee your signature.

Please have one form of photo identification.

Your signature needs to be signed exactly as it appears on the certificate.

3. For security purposes, send your documents in two separate envelopes via USPS registered mail with return receipt requested to HealthyPlanet’s address below.

Send the signature guaranteed Stock Power Form(s) in one envelope

Send your unsigned stock certificate(s) in a second envelope.

Both envelopes get sent to:

55 Gerard St #163
Huntington, NY  11743-0163

4. If you live in the Huntington area, we can arrange to pick up your forms as well!

The instructions on this page are not offered as legal or tax advice. Seek the counsel of your attorney, tax advisor, and/or financial planner to review your specific tax calculations to ensure that any contemplated donation is appropriate for your particular situation.

Thank you for your support!


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